To begin your discipleship process, we invite you to sign up for the Family Life FlowThe Family Life Flow is a Six Phase discipleship growth plan that has been strategically developed to establish you with a strong spiritual foundation. The Family Life Flow takes place Sunday nights at 6pm.

Family Life Flow Begins: January 12, 2020
Location: Victory Outreach San Diego

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Develop radical relationships with other believers while learning about spiritual disciplines, the importance of purity at any age and how to live a truly blessed life.
Arm yourself with the tools to fight spiritual warfare, become equipped with methods of soul winning evangelism and learn how to become a truly dynamic servant leader. 
Prepare for your calling by learning to study the bible, minister to hurting people, cultivating a ministry-minded marriage and understanding the leaders’ life span from planted to maturity.
Develop into a dynamic transmitter of God’s word while activating your spiritual gifts and becoming a more consistent leader with balance and financial stability.
Learn how to build a ministry specific to Victory Outreach and be trained to effectively influence and lead others towards their God-given assignment.
Receive hands-on ministry training and mentorship to assist you in launching into your God-Given purpose.